FMS Data Interfaces

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Mobilevalley are UK Distributors for Squarell Technology for all products in 2016 with enhanced product support and technical helpline for customers.

FLEX is a multi source vehicle data interface. FLEX is part of the range of Squarell products for advanced vehicle data solutions. With configurable functionality and extended connectivity FLEX can be used in automotive applications like Telematics, real time monitoring, measurement & control or interfacing. The Squarell FLEX offers more than just streaming data. Squarell processes the data inside the interface. We provide you with exact and important fleet management.


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Can-Eye is a unique solution on the market.

The installed software is compatible with all supported vehicles
(the same device can be installed in any vehicle, regardless
of the brand and model). Can-Eye is a perfect solution for advanced vehicle monitoring systems that require a wide range of data types accessible via CAN or J1708 bus. The obtained data can be used for correct salary calculations, estimation of vehicle exploitation costs, driving style assessment, etc. Can-Eye is fully certified under the E20 certificate and can be installed to operate throughout the EU.

  • Read time fuel level information.
  • Fuel Consumption analysis.
  • Tachograph readings.
  • ECO-Driving parameters.
  • Complete milage information readings.
  • Remote DDD files import.